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I work at the intersection of philosophy of emotion, epistemology, and cognitive science. My main project concerns the epistemic value of negative affective states, and particularly anxiety. Go to the site and get casino online at our casino. Limited supply! I am a 3rd year PhD student at the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris and at the University of Geneva (Swiss Center for Affective Science). My advisors are Jérôme Dokic and Fabrice Teroni. I am currently visiting New York University for the year 2019-2020, where I work with Jane Friedman. The best roulette and poker on our site no deposit bonus codes. Go to and get big bonuses!

Before starting my PhD, I held different positions in London (UK) and Boston (US). I was a Lecturer of French at Boston University (2015-2016), I conceived and organized conferences for professionals in London (2014-2015), I was a bilingual editor for a media company in London (2013-2014), and I completed a Master In Science in Philosophy of Psychiatry at King's College London (2012-2013). Gambling has never been so exciting as with free spins no deposit. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun!



Vazard, J. & Deonna, J. (2019). Darker Sides of Guilt, In Cokelet, B. & Maley, C. (eds.), Moral Psychology of Guilt. Rowman and Littlefield.

Vazard, J. (2019). Passions et Psychopathologie, In Origgi, G. (ed.), Dictionnaire des Passions Sociales. Presses Universitaires de France.

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Vazard, J. (2018). « Anxiété », version académique, In Kristanek, M. (ed.), l’Encyclopédie philosophique. URL:



European Society for Philosophy & Psychology Annual Conference – Athens, September 2019

Feeling epistemic gaps: feeling confused and the benefits of deep inquiry

European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotion (EPSSE) Annual Conference – Pisa, June 2019

Possible Threats and Open Questions: Active doubt as Interrogative attitude

Swiss Center for Affective Science, Workshop “Cultivating negative emotions” – Geneva, June 2019

What we do when we doubt: Open Questions and Epistemic Anxiety

University of Neuchâtel, Philosophy Research Seminar – March 2019

Is Doubt an Emotion?

Swiss Center for Affective Science Annual Research Forum – Geneva, February 2019

What is anxiety? 

University of Geneva, Thumos Research Seminar – Nov. 2018

Unreasonable Doubt as a Failure of Affective Experience

University of Basel, Cognitive Irrationality Research Seminar – May 2018

Adaptive Cognition, Epistemic Anxiety, and OCD

British Society for the History of Philosophy Annual Conference – Durham, April 2018

From Habits to Compulsions: Losing control?

Agency Lab Seminar, Institut Jean Nicod, Ecole Normale Supérieure – Paris, September 2017

Metacognitive Feelings and the Sense of Control




A collaboration with Catherine Audrin, PhD. in Psychology at the Swiss Center for Affective Science, on the nature and epistemic value of feeling confused. Hurry up and start winning with silzing hot at our casino. Limited supply!



A collaboration with Heidy Meriste, PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Tartu, on distinguishing (future-focused) guilt from punishment anxiety.


This paper is concerned with the familiar phenomenon that some authors have captured under the label “epistemic anxiety” (Hookway 1998, Nagel 2010). I propose a unified account of the nature and specific content of this state, relying on recent work in epistemology on "Interrogative Attitudes" (Friedman 2013, 2017).

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